NY Traffic Points and Penalties

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Speed - Failing to Drive at Appropriate Reduced Speed

§ 1180

(e) The driver of every vehicle shall, consistent with the requirements of § 1180(a), drive at an appropriate reduced speed when approaching and crossing an intersection or railway grade crossing, when approaching and going around a curve, when approaching a hill crest, when approaching and passing by an emergency situation involving any authorized emergency vehicle which is parked, stopped or standing on a highway and which is displaying one or more red or combination red, white, and/or blue lights pursuant to the provisions of § 375(41)(2) and (4)(b), when traveling upon any narrow or winding roadway, and when any special hazard exists with respect to pedestrians, or other traffic by reason of weather or highway conditions, including, but not limited to a highway construction or maintenance work area.

(h)(2) Every person convicted of a violation of § 1180(a) or (e) shall be punished by a fine of $45 to $150, or by imprisonment for not more than 15 days, or by both such fine and imprisonment.

(h)(5) Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions of § 1180(h),

Where an additional fine is provided by § 1180(h)(5), a sentence of imprisonment for not more than 30 days may be imposed in place of or in addition to any fine imposed.

It is a traffic infraction for any person to violate any of the provisions of the VTL unless such violation is by the VTL or other law of New York declared to be a misdemeanor or felony.

(1)(c) Whenever proceedings in an administrative tribunal or a court of New York result in a conviction for an offense or a traffic infraction under the VTL, there shall be levied a crime victim assistance fee in the amount of $5 and a mandatory surcharge, in addition to any sentence required or permitted by law, in the amount of $55.

(9) Notwithstanding the provisions of § 1809(1), in the event a proceeding is in a town or village court, the court shall add an additional $5 to the surcharges imposed by § 1809(1).

Notwithstanding any other provision of law, whenever proceedings in a court or an administrative tribunal of New York result in a conviction for an offense or for a traffic infraction under the VTL, there shall be levied in addition to any sentence, penalty or other surcharge required or permitted by law, an additional surcharge of $28.

The following violations shall be assigned a point value of three points:

(i) any violation involving speed except where a different point value has been assigned[.]

Such licenses [as defined in § 510(1)] shall be revoked and such registrations may also be revoked where the holder is convicted:

(iv) of a third or subsequent violation, committed within a period of 18 months, of any provision of § 1180[.]

Last verified: 2018-03-31