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New York Traffic Points and Penalties
Available now on the iOS App Store!

How many points will the New York DMV assess a person for driving 14 miles per hour above the speed limit in a school zone for the second time in a year? How much jail time can a person receive for driving with a license revoked for a prior DWI conviction? What is the mandatory surcharge and crime victim assistance fee for an equipment-related infraction?

New York Traffic Points and Penalties, an app for iOS-based mobile devices, can answer all of these questions, and more!

Designed as a legal reference and educational aid for judges, lawyers, law enforcement, probation officers, civil servants, and non-commercial drivers, NYTP&P offers selected offenses from the New York Vehicle and Traffic Law in a fast, searchable, and easy-to-navigate format. For each offense, the app provides summaries of:

Aggravating factors and prior offenses are easily selectable to show the effect on a judge's sentencing options.

As a bonus feature, NYTP&P provides a direct link to Jurisware's powerful and free-to-use web application at https://www.jurisware.com which breaks down each offense into a reader-friendly format.